Thursday 24th October, 2019

What Differentiates Us?

“People ultimately choose to do business with people they like and everyone likes someone who appreciates them.”

Not only do we want to be liked, we want to earn your respect by connecting with you at an emotional level and, more importantly, providing a level of service that is superior to that of our competitors.

As an organisation, we constantly seek to re-enforce our founding principles.


The BONI Advantage

In a globally competitive marketplace, we consider that a combination of small things make a big difference:

  • We are managed and staffed by experienced professionals, constantly striving for the most effective techniques and solutions and best practices
  • We work closely with professional intermediaries to achieve client objectives
  • We concentrate on our core business using client-friendly technology
  • Our client relations officers will deliver an efficient and personalised service in keeping with international standards and best practices

“A client is not a transaction but a relationship”
(Paula Wallace, Assistant Manager, Client Services)