Thursday 24th October, 2019

Opening Bank Accounts

The Bank facilitates the opening of accounts for our clients under two arrangements:

  1. Transactional Account Opening (Client controls Bank Account)
  2. Approved Intermediary Programme

The whole essence of banking is built on trust: “the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something.”

We will use our best endeavours to ensure that your trust in establishing a banking relationship with us will be fully justified.

The acceptance of foreign currency deposits represents a substantial part of our business and, as such, we are always delighted to accept the offer of new business that could lead to a mutually rewarding relationship and our provision of ancillary services.

1. Opening Bank Accounts: Client Controlled

We willingly accent applications for the opening of accounts for International Business Companies, Limited Liability Companies etc when referred to us by local and international intermediaries

We also accept applications directly from the account holders, and where such accounts will be controlled by the beneficial owner.

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking here:

  • Personal
  • Corporate

It should be mentioned, however, that the due diligence and source of funds checks that we are obliged by law to carry-out when opening accounts takes much longer to complete for prospective clients making direct application to us, as compared with intermediary introduced applications.

2. Approved Intermediary Programme: Relationship Account Opening (Intermediary controls Bank Account)

Many of the companies introducing business to us are regulated international financial intermediaries who act as trustees and/or provide corporate management services to their clients. Invariably, the fiduciary services include powers to operate on clients’ bank accounts, all for the benefit of the clients.

The Anti-Money Laundering Regulations of St. Kitts and Nevis enable us to open bank accounts on behalf of clients of financial intermediaries with a reduced level of due diligence provided such accounts will be controlled by the intermediary and that such intermediary is a regulated entity in a jurisdiction that is considered to have “equivalency” with St. Kitts and Nevis relative to Anti Money Laundering and KYC Regulations.

With a view to expanding our client base but not compromising our risk based approach, we have introduced our Approved Intermediary Programme, specifically to meet the needs of international financial intermediaries who provide fiduciary services, a component of which is their management of clients’ bank accounts.

The main features of the Approved Intermediary Programme are:

  1. We develop a detailed understanding of each other’s business model, ethics and the banking needs of the Intermediary’s clients;
  2. We develop a detailed appreciation of each other’s Compliance Standards and AML/KYC practices and procedures when establishing “equivalency”;
  3. We maintain a proactive open dialog regarding ways and means of better servicing the Intermediary’s needs;
  4. The Intermediary is required to undertake full due diligence on the Beneficial Ownership of all new accounts referred to us;
  5. While we are prepared to consider opening new accounts on the basis of essential documentation only being provided to us, we reserve the right to call for production of full due diligence at any time.

The main benefits of the Approved Intermediary Programme are:

  1. A concise account application process supported by essential due diligence documentation;
  2. A fast track approach to the review of applications and the opening of accounts;
  3. Designated personnel and alternates allocated to Approved Intermediary, thereby ensuring continuity of approach to client relationship management;
  4. Customised Operations Manual incorporating Service Level Deliverables, including a competitive Tariff; and
  5. A long lasting, mutually rewarding and trusted partner