About Us

Who We Are

The Bank of Nevis International Limited was incorporated under the Nevis Companies Ordinance, Cap 7.06 of the laws of St. Christopher and Nevis, on April 29th, 1998 and commenced operations on July 1st, 1998

We are a bank relevant to your global needs. Your gateway bank, your window to the world. There is a long-term future for highly regulated, reputable and integrated financial centres such as Nevis. Our twenty one year legacy underpins our credentials. Our holistic wealth management approach sits comfortably with both our HNW Global Clientele as well as those seeking financial inclusion in this fast pace changing world.

Our presence in Nevis ideally positions us to be your gateway bank and preferred efficient provider of holistic wealth management options and the highest levels of customer experience.

Our Clients

Our target Client is a global citizen, looking for optimal management of their wealth. Our client’s privacy is paramount. Under The Confidential Relationships Acts of 1985, the unauthorized disclosure of information to any third party is strictly prohibited, thus we boast a wealth of clients from around the globe.

Our Core Values

Our essential and enduring qualities are:

  • We support The Millennium Development Goals
  • We are environmentally responsible
  • We hold a Global outlook and We believe We are Global Citizens
  • We see ourselves in you
  • We believe in fairness, loyalty and respect in all our relationships
  • We are innovative and seek to foster an uncompromising spirit of excellence
  • We are pillars of our community